Shizuhata-yama walking trail.

Just got back from walking to explore the best trekking route in Shizuoka-city. I slipped once, fell down twice and lost my way in the wood three times today! What a day, I never learn… Anyway, I will prepare a topographic map next time!

Well, this is a brief outline of this walking trail. First of all, catch a bus from #9 platform at Shizuoka JR Station then get off at Akatorii-sengen-jinja bus stop(10 minutes/¥190). Off course you can walk all the way to the bus stop, 30 minutes required. After arriving at Sengen-jinja, take your time to walk around the park. Actually, there are 7 shrines there, and all buildings are classified as national important cultural property.

There is a so-called “a hundred stone steps” stairway in the park. After climbing up the steps, you’ll find a small shrine, Hayama-jinja and Shizuhata-yama ancient tomb. This is the starting point of this walking trail. And then after a 3-hour walk along the ridge of the mountain, you’ll reach the Kujira-ga-ike pond!

OK, let’s start walking!

All set?image

Watch out the wild boars!image

The sign shows you are on the right way!image

More signs!image

That big building is Rinzai-ji temple.image

A flat path continues for a while. image

I passed some hikers on this narrow path.image

Walk over the routes!

You are on your way!image

There was a castle here long time ago!image

Look at the palm tree! It seems I were in a southern island! image

Found Peter at Mr. MacGregor’s garden!image

Walking up the low steps!image

Look at the great view!image

A green tea field!image

I met an old gentleman here. He looked at me curiously, and said “Are you walking alone? Take a great care!”image

look at the plateau.image

Can you see the second Tomei expressway in the distance?image

Asabata-yusui-chi, a flood control basin is on your right.image

There were some bees and I was so afraid that they were going to sting me!image

Spider webs blocked my way many times…image

You are on the right way, don’t go back!image

Go girl, go!image

This is the Abe River.image

Which way should I go?image

Found Fukunari-jinja.image

It is surrounded by big trees.image

Finally reached the Kujira-ga-ike pond!image


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