The brilliant autumn foliage!

There are so many life quotes in the world. These often impress me deeply. However nothing is so attractive as the beauty of nature. Looking at all the brilliant autumn foliage is such a treat!  I’d love to take you to the best place in our city, the Toukei-in Temple. I know you don’t like temples… Let’s think it’s not a temple but a garden! How’s that? Ready to go? Access information Take the Warashina Line bus from platform 3, at North Exit, Shizuoka JR Station. And then get off at “Hatori” bus stop(¥300/18min).

The temple is about a 30-min walk away from the bus stop.
IMG_6593.JPG This is a sign showing the way to the temple, 2km to go.

This is a sign showing the way to the temple, 2km to go.
————————————————————- Love walking along the Kuzumiya river. IMG_6567.JPG ————————————————————- What does it look like? IMG_6564.JPG —————————————————————- Is that a lemon tree? By the way, do you know the famous Japanese song “Lemon”? It’s a bit sad but beautiful tune. IMG_6566.JPG ————————————————————- Finally I found a map and some information. It says that in 1450, a sacred white fox advised a man to build a temple here… IMG_6570.JPG ————————————————————- Look at those cedar trees. IMG_6571.JPG ————————————————————- This is a sign to the Abe-Jo Castle! I’d like to walk there next time. IMG_6572.JPG ————————————————————- That must be the temple. IMG_6574.JPG ————————————————————- Perfect color contrast, ruby red and green. IMG_6575.JPG —————————————————————— I’ve always wanted to walk along such a tiny bridge. IMG_6577.JPG ————————————————————- The huge cedar trees stand majestically and look like an entrance. IMG_6578.JPG ————————————————————- The Japanese maple leaves have turned a beautiful red. IMG_6583.JPG ————————————————————- The leaves are already turning yellow. IMG_6580-0.JPG ————————————————————- Steps to the main building. Look at the cute moss. IMG_6581.JPG ————————————————————- Even fallen leaves are so elegant. IMG_6582.JPG —————————————————————— No need to explain. IMG_6584.JPG ——————————————————– Incredible! Colors include pale yellow, green, deep orange, crimson and brown. IMG_6586.JPG ————————————————————- These leaves are like flames. IMG_6587.JPG ————————————————————- The foliage should be at the peak. IMG_6588.JPG —————————————————————— I could hear the classical music and hymns playing in the background at the temple! I wish I could spend a whole day walking around. IMG_6591.JPG —————————————————————— It’s true that the sun sets very fast in autumn. IMG_6592.JPG ————————————————————- Toukei-in Temple 421-1215 21-9, Hatori 7-chome, Aoi ward, Shizuoka city 054-278-9724 IMG_6590.JPG ——————————————————–


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