O-datara Fudo-son Fair and Mariko Morning Market. (3)

The Fudo-son is just around the corner! IMG_5913-0.JPG ——————————————————There is a small but beautiful waterfall! They don’t take so much good care of it.

IMG_5919-0.JPG ——————————————————-

It was a hot and sunny day, but I felt much cooler there!

IMG_5922-0.JPG ——————————————————– Stairs,

IMG_5911-1.JPG ——————————————————– stairs,

IMG_5916-0.JPG ——————————————————– stairs!

IMG_5926-0.JPG ——————————————————– I almost gave up!

IMG_5927-0.JPG ——————————————————– Guardian lions!

IMG_5924-0.JPG ——————————————————– So sacred, and beautiful!

IMG_5920-0.JPG ——————————————————– Took a little time to pray.

IMG_5929-0.JPG ——————————————————– Have some rest?

IMG_5932-0.JPG ——————————————————– I’ll come back to the fair and the morning market one day!

IMG_5931-0.JPG ——————————————————– See you kiwis,

IMG_5950.JPG ——————————————————– beautiful berries,

IMG_5938.JPG ——————————————————– and fragrant olives, a symbol tree of Shizuoka!

IMG_5870.JPG ——————————————————–


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