O-datara Fudo-son Fair and Mariko Morning Market. (1)

On the 28th of each month, some extra buses for the fair leave from platform 7. I’ve been wondering why people are so eager to go there. The other day, I managed to visit there and found out the reasons.



It is said that the Fair/en-nichi is the day when people share spiritual connections with deities. Along the path that leads to the Fudo-son, there are many types of streets stalls selling such local products as fish, rice, fruit, wild flowers and more! People enjoy talking with vendors and shopping for fresh produce! I think this is why people love to go there!



This Fudo-son is dedicated to both Atagosan Dai-Gongen and Fudomyo-ou. It is also famous for its spring water and people believed that the water cure all kinds of pains. Some people drink, wash their hands and others pour it in cans to bring it back home… I think the spring water is another key to attract people!




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