Shimada Mage (Topknot) Festival 2014 (1)

This festival is held on the third Sunday of September every year to commemorate Tora Gozen who created the Shimada Mage. It is the most popular traditional Japanese hair style in Japan, and there are many variations, like the Bunkin Taka Shimada,



the Kanoko Shimada,



the Osome Shimada and so on.



The inaugural festival was held on 19th Sep. 1933, but it was suspended during the war years. From 1968, the festival has been held every year and it is the 57th times since then.



The parade participants dressed in yukata and sporting a variety of traditional Japanese and Shimada hair styles parade through the streets of Shimada city. The parade stops to perform dances in some places before proceeding to the Oi-jinja Shrine.



At the shrine, a further dance is performed, dedicated to the Ubusuna deity. After a short break the parade resumes, passing the Shimada City Hospital, and on to the Uda-ji Temple. Dances are performed at the temple in honor of Tora Gozen and the Buddha, and a thanksgiving ceremony is held in the main temple hall where a variety of Japanese-style hairpieces are on display.



-Most of them dress up their own hair, without using hairpieces nor wigs.



-I heard that anyone who are in their thirties and under can participate to this festival, but our marital status doesn’t matter at all! Participants change every year, so even I will have a chance to parade among the beauties next year!




2 thoughts on “Shimada Mage (Topknot) Festival 2014 (1)

  1. うちわに書いてある言葉が、みんな違うんだ~。ところどころ、意味が分かるようになってきました󾇁

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