Ogushi Shrine Festival 1

This is a splendid Shinto festival held at Ogushi Shrine in Shizuoka city in the latter half of July every year. The shrine was originally built inside the Sumpu Castle. In 1607, Tokugawa Ieyasu aiming to enlarge the castle reconstructed it on the present location, Koya-machi. It takes 5 minutes on foot both from the castle and Shizuoka JR Station.



According to records, the festival originated from Gion Festival/Gion Goryo-e, one of the three largest festivals in Japan. At first it was in the form of a ceremony to stamp out an epidemic. The basic style of the festival we see today was from the 15th century, after the Onin-no-ran on 1467. Just like the Gion Festival, Ogushi Shrine Festival gives an impression to the people that summer is coming to Shizuoka.



I decided to attend it during my lunch time as I heard that the highlight of this celebration would take place after 2pm! At the festival, they carry the omikoshi/portable shrine through the main streets to bring God’s blessings to the town wearing Matsuri costumes!



Waiting for the parade!


What does he have in his arm?


Did he dye his hair purple?


They served a special sake for everyone to celebrate the festival.


Here comes the main flag of this shrine.



He has Sakaki, the evergreen, sacred to Shinto.


Sarutahiko is one of the Gods to lead the way.


He wears the masque of Tengu.


Looks scary…


Ready for carrying?



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