Daifuku at Kawane. 1

Daifuku is a very popular confection in Japan. It’s a soft round rice cake stuffed with sweet filling like red bean paste, whipped cream and so on…

No matter how far it is from my place, I don’t mind to travel over long distances to find something to satisfy my appetite! Especially after a medical check-out I had last year… As I was told by my doctor that I was too thin for my height. He suggested me not to miss any meal even if I wouldn’t feel like having a complete dish, it would be better to have something to eat, whatever the food is! I must gain weight… This is why I’m trying to find it!

This time, I have heard that there was a wonderful Daifuku at Ieyama, not really far from here! Just hearing it was making me feel hungry, so I decided to go there with my teddies!


•How to get there.
Take JR Tokaido Line, and get off at Kanaya JR Station. Transfer to Oigawa Railway to Ieyama Station for local train or take Steam Locomotive from Shin-Kanaya Station. It is the second station from Kanaya Station. Complicated? It should be OK, I will explain to you at our info center!



I think it’s a better idea to make reservation for the SL beforehand. I’ll be glad to help you, if you need.



These are the tickets!
The basic ticket is 820yen, and the additional ticket for SL is 800yen to Ieyama!



Look at these old interiors! It feels like we are back in the early Showa era!



It started running, very slowly!


“Duffy, look at the beautiful tea fields!” said Beavis.



Running faster!


Just arrived at Ieyama Station!


Get some rest!



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