Private Garden “Hasu Ike” in Shizuoka city!

Glad to know you are fine!
It’s like an oasis in the city!
Lovely flowers!!


Yesterday, having finally recovered from my annual spring cold (the second one, actually!) I found it was about time to shake the torpor out of my legs and take a long ride/walk into some places I do not usually visit in town!


I’ve known about a private garden since I arrived 38 years ago in Shizuoka City located in Aoi Ku, Kamiashiarai 5 Chome opposite Midori Cho, 10 Chome but funnily enough never bothered to really investigate.


As I said it is a private water garden and I may not really make the names of their owners public, but many people call it “hasu ike/蓮池”, that is “waterlily pond”!


By Japanese and Shizuoka standards it is an enormous pond. Completely surrounded by nets, one cannot naturally enter it although it is easy to admire and take pictures of.
Apparently it belonged to a very old family, probably of noble origins…

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