The Miho Lighthouse

•How to get there.
Take the Miho-Yamanote Line Bus from platform 3, West Exit, Shimizu JR Station (Bus#57, 58/¥400) and get off at Miho-Honmachi
bus stop. The Miho Lighthouse is about a 10-min walk away from the bus stop.
Or about a 30-min walk from the Hagoromo Pine!



•The Miho Lighthouse
It was Japan’s first lighthouse constructed with reinforced concrete, erected in 1912. It is officially named the Shimizu Lighthouse. There is a celestial maiden ornament instead of weathercock on the very top!



It was open to the public on both 3rd Monday of July/Marine Day and on 23rd February/Mt. Fuji Day last year. Such visits are not held regularly. Please ask us about more details. (TIC Shizuoka 054-253-1170) Or please check their website; (in Japanese)



It is not allowed to go up to the top even during events, but one may walk around the property and see the many exhibits inside. have a great time learning its history!
Please refer to the following page for major events in the past; ( in Japanese)



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